The Anti-age perfume by Doc

It sounds incredible and unbelievable, but people smell not only with their nose, but also with brain. It is medically proven that scents trigger a cascade of reactions inside man’s brain. Various hormones are released there and influence the whole body.
In Grasse (France), the capital of perfume industry, Dr. Doris Grablowitz did a lot to analyse effects of different odors on the psyche and got education in the field of perfumery in the two largest perfume manufacturers. She experimented for some long months, studied and tried countless combinations of mixtures. Finally, she and her team managed to develop a delicious and refined fragrance combination, which makes people feel happier and has a capturing smell.


Endorfin – Happiness perfume “Joyously Free”


Perfume “Endorfin” is the first fragrance on the world market, which can cure from depression through distribution of endorphins, and even can help with fatigue, lethargy and “binge eating”.


Lolita – The Fountain of Youth perfume “forever young”


The anti-aging perfume “Lolita” reminds the smell of youth, emphasizes your youth, surrounds you with freshness, makes you lively and agile, delays fatigue.


Leonce and Lena – Love Perfume “trustful love”

The love elixir “Leonce and Lena” leeds to the Middle Ages, when burning of witches was practiced, because the ingredients seduce the limbic system for love affairs. It has a magical scent that triggers the musky love essences and wakes up sensuality, eroticism and desire.


Nostradamus – The mysterious perfume “master of universe”


“Nostradamus” exudes a fascinating, imbued with mystical incense aura, which neither men nor women could reject. A mens’ perfume, which is also cherished by strong women.


Iceman – men’s fragrance “no rejections”

“Iceman” gives you the appearance of a physically strong man, a real macho with a huge need for adventure.


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