Anti-aging Sun Products with happiness fragrance “happy scent”

The scent “24 hours care products line by Doc” is new and totally unique. Dr. Doris Grablowitz has personally developed the fragrance for the product line. With her medical knowledge of the limbic system of people she wanted to create a fragrance composition which would not only smell delicious, but also effect people in the most refined and beautiful way by stimulating release of endorphins into brain. It sounds incredible and unbelievable, but people smell not only with their nose, but also with the brain. It is medically proven that scents trigger a cascade of reactions inside the brain. Various hormones are released there and influence the whole body. Endorphins are responsible for feeling of happiness and that’s exactly what Dr. Doris Grablowitz would like to stimulate with her special fragrance products”24 hour care line from Doc”. In Grasse (France), the capital of perfume industry, Dr. Doris Grablowitz did a lot to analyse effects of different odors on the psyche and got education in the field of perfumery in the two largest perfume manufacturers. She experimented for some long months, studied and tried countless combinations of mixtures. Finally, she and her team managed to develop a delicious and refined fragrance combination for 24 Hours line, which makes people feel happier when used. Thus the 24 Hours line offers not only a perfect skin care from Doc, but also the world’s first fragrance “happy scent”, which delivers a delicious feeling of happiness in everyday life.

Sun protection lip balm with “happy scent”

The delicate skin of the lips has almost no oil glands, that means it cannot provide its own fat to smooth them. Extreme heat, cold and sunlight can lead to serious problems. Lips become brittle, cracked and the possibility of getting small sores is arising. Therefore it is very important to protect the delicate lip skin from all harmful influences. The Lip Balm by Dr. Doris Grablowitz protects lips from harmful UV rays, providing them with intensive care ingredients, softens and gives them an attractive seductive, brilliant gloss effect. The main active ingredient regulates the moisture balance. The aroma “happy scent” triggers feeling of happiness and makes the lips smell extremely seductively.

Ultra Sun Protection for Body with “happy scent”

This suncream has an additional moisturizer and a high sun protection factor (SPF 35)! The main ingredients are: Isopropyl myristate, (gives the cream lubricity and facilitates penetration of the active ingredients into skin), parsol MCX (chemical sunprotector against UVB), Titanium dioxide (produces drying effect on oily and large-pored skin, antiseptic, physical suncare (tiny particles cover skin to protect it), paraffin oil (prevents moisture loss), almond oil (nourishes and improves the smoothness of the skin). The Ultra Sun Protection for the Body by Dr. Doris Grablowitz protects the skin from harmful solar radiation and optimally supports a gentle tan. In addition, it provides conditioning, smoothing and moisturizing. The aroma “happy scent” triggers feelings of happiness and makes the body smell extremely seductively.

Sun Protection Face Cream with “happy scent”

A sun protection face cream has an extremely high protection factor, SPF 35, mainly because this part of skin is constantly effected by UV radiation. For this reason, it additionally contains titanium dioxide to reinforce the sun protection. Other ingredients are: Pasol MCX (chemical sunscreen against UVB), Unifilter U-41 (chemical Sun protection against UVA + UVB), Glycerol (balances the moisture level of the skin and has a smoothing effect), Ubipabol U-17 (chemical sunscreen against UVB) Unifilter B-42 (chemical sun protection against UVA and UVB) and Unisol S-22 (sun chemical protection against UVB). The Sun Protection Face Cream by Dr. Doris Grablowitz offers not only optimal protection against harmful solar radiation, but also acts as a skin smoothing, nourishing moisturizer. The aroma “happy scent” triggers feelings of happiness.

After Sun Balm with “Happy Scent”

After sun skin also needs adequate care. Especially moisture, but also high-quality moisturizing agents. The After Sun Balm cools, nourishes and harmonizes sun-stressed skin and ensures regular lasting tan. It contains Aloe Vera Gel (moisturizes, cooling and soothing), Alcohol (cleans and degreases), Almond oil (nourishes and improves the smoothness), Jojoba oil (nourishes and cares), Hyaluronic acid (an excellent moisturizer). The After Sun Balm of Dr. Doris Grablowitz maintains, calms, nourishes and smoothes skin after sunbathing. It also makes your skin soft and provides balanced, long-lasting tan. The After Sun Balm contains the seductive fragrance “happy scent”, which brings you a feeling of happiness.

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