“24 hours” facial products with happiness fragrance “happy scent”

The scent “24 hours care products line by Doc” is new and totally unique.

Dr. Doris Grablowitz has personally developed the fragrance for the product line. With her medical knowledge of the limbic system of the people she wanted to create a fragrance composition which would not only smell delicious, but also effect people in the most refined and beautiful way by stimulating release of endorphins into brain. It sounds incredible and unbelievable, but people smell not only with their nose, but also with brain. It is medically proven that scents trigger a cascade of reactions inside man’s brain. Various hormones are released there and influence the whole body. Endorphins are responsible for feeling of happiness and that’s exactly what Dr. Doris Grablowitz would like to stimulate with her special fragrance products”24 hour care line from Doc”. In Grasse (France), the capital of perfume industry, Dr. Doris Grablowitz did a lot to analyse effects of different odors on the psyche and got education in the field of perfumery in the two largest perfume manufacturers. She experimented for some long months, studied and tried countless combinations of mixtures. Finally, she and her team managed to develop a delicious and refined fragrance combination for 24 Hours line, which makes people feel happier when used. Thus the 24 Hours line offers not only a perfect skin care from Doc, but also the world’s first fragrance “happy scent”, which delivers a delicious feeling of happiness in everyday life.

24 hours Day & Night Cream with “happy scent”

The anti-aging day cream is a combination of delicate oil and water emulsion containing active ingredients that are created not only to achieve optimal day care, but also to slow down the aging process. It contains the following active ingredients: Almond oil (nourishing), Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid (promotes cell renewal and hydration of the skin), Vitamins FACE Complex (anti-free radical, smoothing, firming, revitalizing), Sea buckthorn extract (rich in vitamins, supports the vitamin FACE complex), coenzyme Q 10 (neutralizes free radicals, is a fountain of youth for cells), Syn ®-Coll (skin-firming, moisturizing ), Syn ®-Ake (a muscle relaxant) and Regu-Age ® (skin-firming, moisturizing, improves collagen synthesis).

24 hours lift up moisturiser with “happy scent “

The lifting moisturiser is a delicate care milk with highly concentrated active ingredients, which are easily absorbed by skin. It contains almond oil (used since antiquity for cosmetic purposes), hyaluronic acid (important for keeping water in the skin), collagen (protein that makes up the main component of the dermis and is characterized by a strong water-binding capacity), sea buckthorn extract (rich in vitamins F, A, C & E), Vitamin F (essential fatty acid that normalizes skin tissue and skin resistance), Syn ®-Coll (collagen booster with skin firming and moisturizing effect), coenzyme Q10 (activates skin and neutralizes free radicals) and Regu®-age (improves collagen synthesis, has skin-firming and moisturizing effect).

24 hours Eye Cream with “happy scent”

The area around eyes is particularly fragile and needs special care. The eye cream from the anti-aging line is particularly rich in vitamins. Firstly, through the addition of sanddorn extrakt, which is characterized by its high content of vitamins F, A, C and E, secondly, by additional concentrates of vitamins E, F, and vitamin A. Other key ingredients are coenzyme Q 10 (neutralizes free radicals and is considered to be “the fountain of youth” for the cells), Regu®-aging (skin-firming, moisturizing, improves collagen synthesis) and Syn®-Ake (muscle relaxant), Syn®-Coll (skin-firming, moisturizing).

Skin corrector

Skin corrector product from the Dr. Doris Grablowitz Young Line is a true miracle for curing acne. It is a lotion that has been specially developed for blemishing skin and has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effects. At the same time it is possible to cover the impurities with it. Small impurities are removed very quickly and thoroughly. The special effects are based on the main ingredients sulfur (antiseptic), salicylic acid (antibacterial), titanium dioxide (antiseptic, drying) and zinc oxide (drying, antiseptic).

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