Non-Invasive aesthetic medical treatments

Injections over 25 hyaluron products Radiesse Plasma injections Integrated painkillers Mesotherapy Skin Bomber Toxins of botulinum Magic Needle Injectable implants Lipolysis injections Liquid Lifting

Chemical peelings Facepeeling Bodypeeling Hollywoodpeeling Snowpeeling Acnepeeling Fruit acid peeling Weekendpeeling Blue Peeling White Peeling 1-35 Peeling Phenolpeeling Combination Peeling

Varicose Venous ultrasound examination Laser treatment Sclerotherapy Foam sclerotherapy Compression bandages Sigg Method

Medical creams Glycolic products Cosmetics from Doc Hormone creams of all kinds Belly fat creams Cellulite creams Firming creams Vitamin C products Vitamin A-acid products Acne products Bleaching creams Anti-aging happiness fragrance Weight reduction fragrance

Skin rejuvenation Laser Dermasanding Mircro-dermabrasion Cryotherapy Surgydron Scar Healing

Laser Infrared laser LED laser Angiolaser Flashlamp Permanent Hair Removal Laser Hair Thickening Diode laser Fraxel Laser

Cellulite Cellulolipolyse Silk Light Endermologie Hormones Cellulite creams Electroporation Lipolysis injections Radiofrequency LED devices

Anti Aging – hormonal therapies Acthyderm electroporation Kirenalift, hormone creams Skin master Radiage-Thermage Mesotherapy Ice Mask Mini iontophoresis IPL flashlamp LED devices

Acne iontophoresis/ acne scars Komedolyse Electric devices Bluelight Chemical Peelings Glycolic acid creams Hormone therapies U.S. Ciscutan therapies Needling

Permanent Make-Up of the eyebrows of eyelashes as eyeliner for the lips on skin scars for hair thickening

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