Operational aesthetic medical treatments

Facial corrections Blepharoplastiy Coronar lifting S-Lifting Full face lifting Mini-lifting Neck lifting Eyebrow lifting Ear Surgery

Liposuction Procedures Lipofilling Lipolage Auto-fat Injections (Fat Transfer) Arm-fat Lift Liposuction Lipolysis injections (= Fat-away injections) Liposhifting

Fetteingriffe Lipofilling Lipolage Eigenfettunterspritzung Handrückenaufbau Fettabsaugung Injektionslipolyse (=Fett weg Spritze) Liposhifting

Body lifts Bat Wings Lift Thigh Lift Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Buttlift Brest Reduction Breast Lifting

Implants Chin implants Cheek implants Breast implants Anatomical implants High and low profile implants Titanium covered implants Injectable implants

Genital surgery Medical aesthetic genital surgery of various kinds Please contact us to get a professional medical assessment on a private consultation

Varicose Varicose Venis surgery Veins radical tumescent surgery Endoluminal vein laser surgery Microsurgery Foam Sclerotherapy Vein sclerotherapy Vein Laser for Spider Veins

Weight reduction Gastric ring Gastric balloon Gastric pacemaker lipolysis injections

Fillers Goretex threads Gore-Tex-Lifting Gold threads Sam Aptos threads Autologous fat (Own-body fat) Sub-Q

Skin smoothing Small dermatosurgical Distances Scar Healing Dermabrasion Collagen needeling Surgydron

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