Prim. Dr. Viktor Grablowitz

Prim. Dr. Viktor Martin Grablowitz was born in Vienna. After his successful graduation the Benedictine gymnasium in Admont he started to study both medicine and theater in Vienna. Because of his love to arts and paintings, he took classes in anatomy by a famous artist Professor Giesel. All this experience ultimately formed the desire of Dr. Grablowitz to graduate medical school and start working in medical sphere.

The completion of the studies and general medical practice was followed by the degree in surgery at Prim Euler-Rolle, employment as a medical assistant and, finally, as a senior physician at Göttlicher Heiland hospital. Between 1991 and 1993 he started working in the University Clinic Aachen, where thanks to the cooperation of Professor Schumpelig (a specialist in laparoscopic surgery) in Dusseldorf and Prof. Paris Ansari he was qualified in cosmetic plastic surgery. This, and his love for art, sculpture and aesthetics, built up the basis for further education in the aesthetic medical sector and vein surgery, followed by numerous trainings abroad, including Dusseldorf, Cambridge, Brazil, different places in the United States, such as St. Antonio, Texas and even the medical university clinic in Moscow. In 1998 he was appointed as head of the surgical department of KH Göttlicher Heiland, in 2008 he was additionally enthrusted to become Primarius of the surgical department of the hospital Herz Jesu.

Prim. Dr. Viktor Grablowitz is a member of many aesthetic unions and cooperations around the world. He is one of the founders and scientific advisors of the EACS (European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) giving lectures and courses on the most important subjects in beauty industry.

The cooperation between Dr. Doris Grablowitz and her husband, Prim. Dr. Viktor Grablowitz, provides an ideal supplement in the medical aesthetic field. In their medical aesthetic centers in Vienna and Carinthia all aesthetic procedures, both surgical and dermatological are professionally combined.

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